Friday, 9 October 2015

Gugliemo Vallecoccia And Best Of Europe Services Inc.

Unless you have visited France or Italy after 2003, this topic might not mean anything to you. Well, it is just about to since we have dedicated the entire article to talking about this great tour guide and the amazing services that will make your stay in Europe pleasurable. Best of Europe Services Inc. was incorporated in 2003 and since then the company has grown to become a global tourist agency.

Gugliemo Vallecoccia is one Italian who couldn’t be confined within his country’s borders. He has made numerous trips to the major destinations across Europe and it is from his experiences abroad that inspired the then fairly young entrepreneur to create a company that caters for tourists better. Gugliemo Vallecoccia is currently the hospitality supervisor at Best of Europe.

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His success in the tourism industry is enough to trigger your curiosity to how he got where he is right now, right? Well, it wasn’t always uphill for the tour expert. His career in the tourism industry started back in 1972 when most of us were only staring to know the neighborhood. His ambitions drove him to the Grand Hotel Leonardo da Vinci which was back then a four star hotel in Rome.

The brilliant mind couldn’t be confined to the hotel by the high salary he was receiving or the generous tips either. He quit his stable job to start a career as a tour guide taking visitors through the marvels that his city Rome had for the. He worked hand in hand with a Roman operator Apian Line for about five years; a job that saw him work a continuous three-hour day shifts.

Gugliemo Vallecoccia was able to learn the dynamic of the tourism industry pretty fast. During his time at Apian Line, he discovered several weaknesses inherent in the tourism sector in Europe. First of all, there were very few guides who understood the cities as well as he did. Secondly, making and receiving calls from family members and colleagues while on tour was quite problematic and expensive too.

So together with his wife Anna Rita Barbacci, who was also in the tourism industry, they came up with this brilliant idea to create a company that will revolutionize the tourism industry for good. At least in Europe though. His company, Best of Europe Inc. offers ‘airport special services’ in select places around the world. Their services are currently being used by most Hollywood stars who constantly tour Europe to promote their movies or escape from their busy schedules.

One of the most notable and unique services that Best of Europe offers you is the ability to make and receive toll-free calls. Upon arrival to any of the destinations in Europe, tourists are given special cellphones that enable them to make unbounded calls to any network as well as the ability to receive unlimited calls while on tour. The cellphones come with special pre-activated contracts that are made unique to each tourist.

Currently Gugliemo Vallecoccia has expanded his empire to cities such as Cape Town, Manila, Hong Kong, Sydney, Melbourne, Johannesburg, Singapore, Shanghai, and Beijing among many other cities across the world.

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